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The relationship between language and learning is clear. It is an important tool in every area of education. Language is more than words put together - it's empowerment!

The Greek language was the single most significant element in the formation of the Hellenic civilization and equally as influential in the formation of our Western Civilization.

We understand why the founding fathers of our American nation were such great admirers of the Greek civilization and why so many were good students of the Greek language. It is because a high percentage of the English vocabulary has words of Greek origin.

The Saint Spyridon Greek Language School for over 70 years has provided children and adults the opportunity to offer excellence in Hellenic education which includes the language, culture and heritage of Greece.

When your children study the Greek language they acquire valuable tools and keys which will open intellectual and spiritual worlds for them and will help them in their growth, maturity and education.

The curriculum of the San Diego Greek Language School of St. Spyridon has been approved by the authorities of Public Education in San Diego City and County. As a result, the school is accredited. Upon completion of this Greek School program, students can earn language credit in the San Diego City and County Public Schools, and credit at the University of California.

Our Goal

Our goal is to enable each student to understand and make themselves understood, in speaking, reading and writing the Greek language.


Regular classes are conducted for children of kindergarten age and older, as well as for adults.

Every effort is made to adjust the curriculum to the needs of each individual student. The lessons are tailored to meet their needs using small group instruction fostering big results.

At the beginning and primary levels of study, students are introduced to the speaking of the language. As they continue to improve their Greek, they progress into the middle and upper levels of study which includes reading, and writing, with an emphasis on grammatical structure. Class instruction also offers students a well-rounded and enriched course of study of the historical and philosophical aspects of Greece.


Regular attendance and promptness are required for each student to receive credit and or promotion to the next class. When a student cannot attend a session the parent must call the teacher to report the absence. There are about 18 lessons in a semester. Students must be present 80% of that time in order to receive public school or college language credit.

Absences are excused when a student is ill, however; that time must be made up for the student to receive language credit.

Classes begin promptly Thursdays and Fridays at 4:15pm to 6:30pm. Tardies interrupt learning for all children in the class.

Recognition will be given to students with perfect attendance.

When parents desire to speak with a teacher they must wait until the end of the session so as not to disrupt the teaching time, or make an appointment with the teacher for a time convenient to both.


We want the children to be safe, happy, and successful at Greek school. Our goal is to create an environment where children and adults are courteous and respectful to one another.

Our school rules are:

  1. Be on time to class and work hard at all times

  2. Be polite, kind and safe.

  3. Always act in a way that helps teachers teach and students learn.

Students who choose to disobey these rules will be given these consequences:

  1. Verbal warning by the teacher

  2. Parent contact

  3. Suspension

This discipline plan teaches our students to be responsible for their own actions. Parent support of this program is vital to its success.



For the safety of the students and the smooth operation of the school, the following rules should be observed regularly:

1. Please drop your children off in the church parking lot and pick them up there after class.

2. Caution your children to walk to classes and enter in an orderly manner.

3. Stay with your children until they enter the classroom unless a teacher is present in the parking lot.

4. Parents should pick up their children at the end of the lesson, no later than 6:30pm.

5. Please, park as far as possible from the school building.

School Hours

The class sessions are Thursdays and Fridays from 4:15pm to 6:30pm and Saturdays from 10:15am to 12:30pm.

If there is any change, parents and students will be notified in writing.

Please see that your children arrive a few minutes early so class may begin promptly at 4:15pm. Adult classes Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. See class schedule.


Parents who wish to visit the classroom are encouraged to do so at the discretion of the teacher.

Some sessions will be more appropriate than others for visitation, so please speak with the teacher and set up a date to visit the classroom.


The school is supported by tuition as well as contributions, donations and funds raised through various activities supported by the community.

Scholarships are available to those students who need it.

Every child should be given the opportunity to learn the Greek language if they so desire.

The involvement and commitment of all individuals associated with our school is the key to the success of meeting our educational goal. Please accept our invitation to become an active part of this dynamic school. We need and welcome your participation and support.

School Board of Education

Chair: John Georges

Co-Chair: Christoforos Savvides

Secretary: Timmy Paraskevopoulos

Treasurer: Evan Arapostathis

Director: Athena Kotinopoulos Georges

Christine Cremidan

Angeline Georggin

Andreas Capetanakis




Please call or email Athena Georges, Director at (619) 992-4452 ( or the church office at 619-297-4165, or email with your questions or to sign up for classes.