From the desk of Fr. Andrew

July 2018

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I join together with our Stewardship Committee and take this opportunity once again to remind you that the operating expenses of our beloved Saint Spyridon parish do not cease throughout the summer months. Just like your own personal operating expenses, i.e. mortgage payments, rent, car payments, credit card payments, etc., which do not take a break throughout the summer months, nor does the operating expenses of your parish. The same payments and bills have got to be met and paid throughout the summer months as they do throughout the entire year. Because of your generosity and positive response our 2018 stewardship efforts continue to grow and bear good fruit.

However, for many and varied reasons, meeting our operational expenses throughout the summer months typically, has always been a challenge. Nonetheless, the good news is that we have been getting better. So, with a little more hard work the challenge to meet our operational expenses throughout the summer can be met and overcome. Hence, it is now up to each and every responsible steward of our parish to meet and overcome this challenge. You can do your part by continuing to fulfill your 2018 pledged stewardship amount throughout the summer months. Therefore, as you made your 2018 stewardship pledge at the beginning of the year, I (as a financial steward of our community) along with the Stewardship Committee of the parish, are encouraging you to continue to fulfill that pledged amount on a weekly/monthly basis throughout the summer months.

We THANK YOU in advance! Let's keep up the good and most honorable work of "cheerful giving" (II Cor. 9:6-7).

Enjoy your summer, be safe and keep praying, making the Divine Liturgy and everything that flows from it a priority in your life.

God's continued blessing, +Fr. Andrew